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Winter Cycling Footwear

Posted by hkidston on 09/20/22
Last modified: 09/20/22

Clothing choice is the key to comfort when riding in the cold. To help you dress the best for your riding style and climate, we’ve created a guide to choosing items that will keep you warm and dry from head to toe all winter long.

In this edition, we’ll focus on footwear. We all know that cold feet can ruin a good ride, but with this winter footwear advice, your feet will stay toasty in any conditions.


We recommend a sock made with wool or a wool-synthetic blend to manage moisture and heat. For extra warmth, wear a wool sock as an insulating layer over a lightweight sweat-wicking sock. A simple vapor barrier, like a plastic bag between your socks, reduces chill by keeping sweat away from your insulating layers.

It’s important to make sure your shoes have enough room for layering socks, as a tight fit will reduce blood circulation and warmth.


Winter riding footwear is a personal choice, but here are some guidelines to help you get started:

  • When it’s above freezing, go with footwear that is wind- and water-resistant, such as our Ragnarök boot. This will keep cold air and moisture away from your feet.
  • When temperatures dip below freezing, insulated footwear helps you retain more body heat. The toe box and underfoot are the most important spots for insulation, since they’re the most prone to cold from airflow, your pedals, and the ground when walking on snow or ice.

Extra tip: Look for these footwear features to improve your winter riding experience:

  • Shoes with anti-slip features in the tread (like our rubber outsoles with microglass inserts) can help prevent falls on icy surfaces.
  • Removable liners let you quickly dry shoes out in between rides.
  • Gaiter attachments help keep snow at bay.
  • A balance of flexibility and stiffness in the sole makes pedaling and walking comfortable.
  • Compatibility with both flat and clipless pedals lets you experiment with the setup that works for you.

Ready to gear up?

Check out our full line of winter cycling footwear and stay tuned for more winter wear guides to help you stay comfortable in the cold.