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Introducing WØLFGAR - Our Warmest Boot Yet.

Posted by Kurt on 09/24/15
Last modified: 02/01/21

We’ve spent the last three years dreaming up and refining the warmest, most extreme winter cycling boot. We’re excited to unveil WØLFGAR.

Wølfgar is built around a double boot system that features a removable felted wool liner boot and durable, weather resistant outer shell. Combined, they form our warmest boot designed for the worst winter conditions down to -25ºF (-28ºC).

Constructed with lightweight and durable fabrics, the shell boot uses a double lace closure system to dial in the fit with hook and loop lace management tabs built in. The gusseted tongue seals out weather on the sides of the tongue and allows more adjustment for varying foot shapes. Holding everything in place, the molded power strap works without a restrictive D-ring and is easy to grab with a glove. On the toe, we use a rubber toecap to protect the boot from impacts, abrasion and moisture.

The removable liner boot is constructed of a 4mm felted wool to wick moisture away from your feet while maintaining its insulating properties and not feeling wet. On multi day adventures, you can carry a spare pair to swap out a fresh dry pair. Hook and loop on the heel keeps the liner boot in place while pedaling and the non-woven textile overlays add structure and abrasion resistance in key areas. Additional liner boots will be available for purchase and will retail for $100.

Wølfgar shoe

Under the shell, the waterproof membrane wraps the entire foot to keep the worst wet winter weather out while allowing your foot to breathe and heat vapor to escape. The cleat pocket is also sealed to keep water from entering from under the foot.

Wølfgar shell

We used 400g of Primaloft®, double that of the Wölvhammer boot, for extreme warmth and dryness. This adds extended comfort on long trips without weighing you down.

Aerogel is nested inside the carbon shell to block cold transfer from metal cleats, snow, and ice. Compression-resistant and waterproof, it has three times the insulation value of a traditional lofted insulation, We’ve also placed a layer of Aerogel behind the rubber toecap to keep the wind and cold from getting to your toes.

To keep the weight down and reduce thermal conductivity under the foot, we use a carbon midsole. This not only keeps you warmer but also adds pedaling efficiency.

We’ve worked with Vibram® to create a completely custom rubber 2-bolt compatible outsole. Overall, the outsole is 20% wider than the Wölvhammer to accommodate the added insulation but still leaves enough space for crank arm clearance by placing cleat slots appropriately on the medial side. Widely spaced lugs grip the trail and shed snow quickly. Vibram’s Winter Trekking rubber adds traction and extends the life of the boot. Nine stud pockets built into the outsole accept 45NRTH studs to add even more traction and keep you in control on slick, icy surfaces. Studs sold separately.

Performance, warmth, and style combine to form the ultimate winter cycling boot. With Wølfgar, there are no more excuses.

Wolfgar and Wølfgar Liner Boots will be available in dealers in December in sizes 38 – 50 (no 49) in whole sizes only and will retail for $450.