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Steve Bate

Steve Bate

Born in New Zealand, I currently live and race in the UK. I am visually impaired, and spent my time racing on the back of a tandem, on the track and road. My passion is adventure and I love cold weather (maybe it’s a ginger thing?), and if I can bring the two together, I’m a very happy dude! I ride and train year round, and love adventurous journeys by bike. Road, gravel and MTB, I’m easy, but my fat bike in winter always gives me the most fun.

Favorite 45NRTH tire

For riding in the UK, probably the Vanhelga. We don’t get mega winters like you guys do over the pond, so I need a great allrounder.

Favorite 45NRTH piece of non-rubber gear

Anything that keeps your hands and feet warm! That’s the key to winning in winter right there.

Favorite, or most notable, winter fat bike accomplishment or experience

Bike packing is the dream in winter, and if I can link that to other winter activities like winter climbing or split boarding, these are the adventures that reward me most. Conditions are so fickle here in the UK, you have to be prepared to drop everything, and make the most of them when they arrive.

Accomplishment wise, probably winning the 2018 edition of the Rovamemi150 race in Finland. It was the first winter fat bike race I entered, with my best friend Ibrahim as my sight guide. We both rode solo bikes in crazy conditions with 80% of riders scratching. 3 weeks later, I was in Rio at the UCI Track World Champions and won the 4km Pursuit with my pilot Adam Duggleby. It was a crazy, from minus 40º to plus 40º on two totally different bikes, and that’s what I love about riding.

Biggest piece of advice you have to a new rider

We are all equals. Love what you do, be kind to others and respect your environment, always.