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Evan Simula

Evan Simula

I like everything from short course racing to multi-day endurance events. I find myself most at home when the trail is maybe a little less than ideal and bike handling really comes in to play. Anytime I can be out on 2 wheels, be it competition or recreation, count me in! Outside of biking I enjoy spending time with my wife and son or slapping the Bass guitar!

Favorite 45NRTH tire

I’m a tire nerd so this one is hard…. I would say Wrathchild if the conditions call for it but my standby is the trusty Dillinger 5.

Favorite 45NRTH piece of non-rubber gear

I love the wool t-shirt! As simple as it is, I can honestly say it has been the base of every riding kit as long as I can remember.

Favorite, or most notable, winter fat bike accomplishment or experience

Most notable and favorite would be traveling to Finland for the Rovaniemi 150. We got to spend a month there exploring on bikes and really diving into a different culture. Plus I got to compete against racers from all over.

Biggest piece of advice you have to a new rider

Try things out and see what works for you. Not everyone rides or dresses the same way. What works for me may very well not work for the next person.There is no wrong answer. Most importantly just get out and have fun.