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Megan Barr

Megan Barr

Short Course fat bike racer that prefers singletrack and is always good for some group ride banter.

Favorite 45NRTH Tire


Favorite 45NRTH piece of non-rubber gear

My stylish and toasty Redwing Wolvhammers.

Favorite, or most notable, winter fat bike accomplishment or experience

Riding with the team through the mountains in CO from Mt Crested Butte to Gothic. Top notch!

Biggest piece of advice you have to a new rider

Tire pressure can make or break your winter ride. Invest in a low-pressure gauge and start playing with what pressure that gives you confidence and traction for corners and climbing. This will fluctuate with changes in temps, snow conditions, tire/rim combos, and terrain. As a starting point, ask your local bike shop what pressure they recommend for your local trails.