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About 45NRTH

About 45NRTH: Elevating Cold Weather Cycling

45NRTH was born out of a genuine passion for conquering the most frigid cycling environments. We thrive where others falter, and our collection stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering supreme comfort and control to riders in challenging conditions.

Our collection is meticulously crafted to provide cyclists with unparalleled comfort and control during cold weather rides. Through advanced technical design and the strategic use of cutting-edge materials, 45NRTH products are engineered to thrive in the harshest environments, protecting your hands, feet, and ensuring optimal traction.

What sets 45NRTH apart is our deep connection to extreme winter cycling. Our headquarters are strategically located in a region known for its brutal winter climate. This location, combined with our team's extensive experience navigating these extreme conditions, gives us a distinct advantage in crafting gear that says, "Goodbye Cold. Hello Comfort."

Experience cycling like never before with 45NRTH. Say goodbye to the cold and embrace unparalleled comfort and control on your rides. Join us on our journey to conquer extreme winter cycling challenges, one mile at a time.