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New 45NRTH Glove and Pogie Options

Posted by Steve on 11/02/21
Last modified: 11/03/21

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We’re pleased to share three new additions to our collection of high-performance handwear. Based on decades of winter riding experience and real-world feedback, we’ve designed these pieces to maximize your comfort on cold rides this season and beyond. Think of them as one more reason to ditch the trainer rides this winter.

Our new Draugenklaw Drop Bar Pogie is for winter riders who prefer drop bars. Bulky gloves keep your hands warm but are hard to use with drop-bar shifters. Thin gloves give you more control but don’t provide much protection from the cold. The Draugenklaw Drop Bar Pogie grants you full dexterity without sacrificing warmth. These pair well with frigid commutes, winter bikepacking, and off-season road and gravel rides.

Our drop-bar design uses a soft-shell outer material to block wind and moisture, with reflective accents for safety in the dark days of winter. Inside the pogie, a far-infrared yarn traps body heat to keep your hands nice and cozy. Hook-and-loop openings for handlebars make easy installation and removal. We designed the Draugenklaw to fit a wide range of drop bars, including flared bars.

Draugenklaw Drop Bar will be available later this November. Take a closer look here and order yours.

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Sturmfist 4 Leather is our new glove option for rides that dip below 15 °F.

It’s the same insulation technology as our classic softshell Sturmfist 4, wrapped in a durable water-resistant (DWR) distressed goat leather. The leather blocks icy wind and moisture, while the Merino wool-blend shell lining, 300 g Polartec® Alpha® insulation, and aerogel insulation keep your body heat where it’s supposed to be. Sturmfist 4 Leather is rated for comfort from 0° F (–18° C) to 15° F (­–9° C), making it a great option for fat biking and truly cold trail rides.

Sturmfist 4 Leather will be available later this November in XS to XXL sizes. See more details and order here.

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Sturmfist 5 Leather combines our Merino wool-blend shell lining and 100 g Polartec Alpha insulation with a durable water-resistant (DWR) distressed goat leather to shield your hands from the elements.

It’s a combination that’s most comfortable in temperatures ranging from 15° F (–9° C) to 35° F (2° C), making it a perfect glove for chilly morning commutes, trail rides, or long days out in the shoulder seasons.

Sturmfist 5 Leather will be available later this November in XS to XXL sizes. See more and order yours here.

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