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Our Top Three Studded Bicycle Tires

Posted on: 12/07/22

Anyone who’s ridden them will tell you: studded bicycle tires completely change winter riding. Studs mean more control, more confidence, and more fun. Sure, a good tread pattern can grip on the snow and even some icy surfaces, but there are limits. Studs claw into ice to keep you upright when pedaling, turning, and braking, even on some seriously slick stuff.

We make studded tires because we ride all winter long, and you never know where a patch of ice may be hiding. Available in both aluminum carbide and steel carbide, 45NRTH studs feature a concave design — we find that this shape creates more surface area for better traction. Our studs come in Standard, Large, and XL sizes so you can dial in traction, ranging from “no worries” to “unshakeable.” We also offer low-profile, non-concave studs on fast-rolling tires such as our Xerxes.

If you’re new to the world of studded bicycle tires, you may not know where to start. While we’re not ones to recommend doing what everyone else is doing (we ride in subzero temperatures, after all), we put together a list of our top three studded tires. You’ll find something for every type of rider:

Dillinger 4

Dillinger 4 is our fast-traction fat bike tire, and it’s a favorite among all-around winter riders. Dillinger’s center tread is tightly spaced for speed when you need it, so you can power up icy climbs and rip down the other side. The 240+ standard-size concave studs in the transition and side lugs seize the ice while keeping weight and rolling resistance low. Available in 27.5 x 4.0" and 26 x 4.0" sizes with 60 tpi and 120 tpi casings. See what makes Dillinger 4 so popular.


Wrathlorde is our extreme-conditions fat bike tire that provides maximum performance in the iciest, most challenging conditions. Aggressive, tightly-spaced lugs decrease rolling resistance without compromising on traction, and 300 XL concave studs in the center, transition, and side lugs tear into ice like no other tire out there. Available in a 26 x 4.2" size with 120 tpi casing. Learn more about Wrathlorde.


Gravdal is our high-traction winter commuter tire. Versatile and confidence-inspiring, it navigates snowy streets with ease, and its 216+ studs on the side lugs keep you upright even on those black-ice bike lanes. Available in 700c x 38, and 650b x 38, and 26 x 2.0" sizes with 33 tpi and 60 tpi casings. Get the details on Gravdal.

If you’re still not sure about studded tire choice, consult your local bike shop for guidance.

Note that all of our studded tires are also custom-studdable if you want to experiment with new stud patterns. Watch the video below to learn how to install studs in 45NRTH tires:

We wish you a happy and safe winter of riding!