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Which Sturmfist Is Right For You?

Posted on: 02/14/24

Winter bike gloves are a must for anyone pedaling in the cold. Not only do they keep you comfortable, they also keep you safe — shifting and braking is a challenge when your fingers are numb. We recommend our Sturmfist glove series, which comes in three flavors (Sturmfist 3, Sturmfist 4, and Sturmfist 5), to cover you in the full spectrum of winter conditions.

This family of gloves shares a few common traits that we feel are important for every winter rider: 

  • Water- and wind-resistant shell fabric on the back of the hand
  • Merino wool-blend lining wicks sweat to keep your hands dry
  • Touch-screen compatible Leather palm (synthetic leather on some models)
  • Pre-curved fingers for a natural hand position on the handlebars

But where each of these winter bike gloves truly shines is its tailored warmth for varying levels of cold:

From left to right: Sturmfist 4 and Sturmfist 4 LTR rated for 0 to 15° F, Sturmfist 3 rated for 10 to 30° F, Sturmfist 5 and Sturmfist 5 LTR rated for 15 to 35° F

Sturmfist 5 – These gloves are suitable for milder winter conditions and allow for plenty of dexterity while retaining warmth.

  • Rated for comfort from 35 to 15 degrees F (2 to -9 degrees C)
  • 100g of Polartec® Alpha insulation
  • Gusseted wrist gauntlet that fits under jacket cuff

Sturmfist 3 – These gloves are warmer than the Sturmfist 5 thanks to more insulation and a “lobster-claw” design that pairs fingers together for shared warmth.

  • Rated for comfort from 30 to 10 degrees F (-1 to -12 degrees C)
  • Primaloft 6oz Gold insulation with Cross Core Aerogel technology on the back of the hand
  • Primaloft ECO needle insulation with Grip Control in the palm
  • Infinite hook-and-loop wrist cinch gauntlet cuff closure for more protection

Sturmfist 4 – The warmest gloves in the Sturmfist line, with increased insulation and a paired-finger design.

  • Rated for comfort from 15 to 0 degrees F (-9 to -18 degrees C)
  • Primaloft 8oz Gold Insulation with Cross Core Aerogel technology on the back of the hand
  • Primaloft Gold Insulation Eco with Grip Control in the palm
  • Drawstring gauntlet cuff closure for more protection

How to choose

Which Sturmfist is right for you? Sturmfist 5 is best suited for milder winters or on the fringes of shoulder season. In areas where winter tem- peratures can hover just above single digits, Sturmfist 3 makes a lot of sense. If you ride somewhere that gets severe winter weather with temperatures regularly creeping down to 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C), Sturmfist 4 is perfect.

Keep in mind that these temperature ratings are just guidelines — try lighter gloves if you overheat easily, or go with warmer gloves if your hands are especially hard to keep warm. Our Risør Merino-wool liner glove can also add a few degrees of comfort to any pair of Sturmfists.

Once you’ve selected your Sturmfist, it’s time to customize with one of multiple color options, including leather for Sturmfist 4 and Sturmfist 5.

Ready to ride with comfort and control this winter? Ride with Sturmfist. Shop below or at your local 45NRTH retailer.

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