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Matt Acker

Matt Acker

I’m a year round cyclist and racer who tends towards shorter events during the winter months. I promote races, coach and train full time. I’ve got two doggos at home to keep me company when I’m working. My wife Jenny and I travel frequently not only for cycling events, but to explore new corners of the United States and beyond!

Favorite 45NRTH Tire

The 26x4.0” VanHelga has been a go-to tire for me in all weather conditions. It’s versatile enough to tackle slippery conditions and rolls fast in the summer on dirt.

Favorite 45NRTH piece of non-rubber gear

The Naughtvind 4/5 length bibs are my favorite soft good item. They’re great for racing in the snow as well as riding in the mountains during the shoulder seasons.

Favorite, or most notable, winter fat bike accomplishment or experience

I’ve been fortunate enough to take home the Great Lakes Fatbike Series title on 3 separate occasions.

Biggest piece of advice you have to a new rider

Take your time getting to learn how to dress, what tire pressure to run and how to deal with challenging conditions. When it doubt, air it down! Having too much air pressure can ruin a snowy ride in a hurry so don’t be afraid to let some air out to get better traction and stability.