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45NRTH Cycling Technology

45NRTH is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cold weather cycling performance through innovative technology. Explore our range of advanced cycling solutions designed to deliver unmatched traction, insulation, and protection.

45Nrth Concave Stud icon

Concave Studs for Superior Traction

Our Concave Studs feature a two-piece construction method, with a concave carbide tip on the crown. This design creates an incredibly sharp attack angle, providing unparalleled traction. As the carbide crown wears, it sharpens the edge further, continuously enhancing acceleration, braking, and cornering performance.

45Nrth Carbide Aluminum Stud icon

Carbide-Aluminum Studs for Durability and Performance

Our Carbide-Aluminum Studs, consisting of an aluminum base that's lighter than stainless steel, reducing rolling weight. Paired with a carbide tip rivaling the hardness of diamond, this combination delivers optimal durability and performance.

45Nrth Carbide Steel Stud icon

Steel Carbide Studs for Cost-Efficiency and Performance

Our Steel Carbide Studs, utilizing the same two-piece construction method as our aluminum counterparts, offer excellent performance and longevity. They are an economical choice for 45NRTH's 27tpi tire collection.

45Nrth Extra Large Concave Stud icon

XL Concave Studs for Unmatched Traction

Our XL Concave Studs, featuring a carbide tip with a concave crown for a sharp attack angle. As the carbide crown wears, it creates an even sharper edge, continuously improving acceleration, braking, and cornering performance as it ages.

45NRTH Aerogel Insulation icon

Aerogel Insulation for Ultimate Warmth

Utilized by NASA, aerogel is an ultra-thin, compression-resistant, waterproof insulator with unparalleled thermal conductivity. It excels in keeping you warm in extreme conditions, without needing loft, making it an ideal insulator for cold contact points on your bicycle.

45NRTH Waterproof Breathable Membrane Icon

Waterproof-Breathable Membrane for All-Weather Protection

Our ultra-thin waterproof, breathable membrane, positioned behind our textile shells, keeps you dry and warm even in the harshest conditions. It blocks external liquid while allowing internal vapor to escape for thermal and moisture regulation.

45NRRTH Anti-Slip Microglass Rubber Icon

Anti-Slip Microglass Rubber for Enhanced Traction

Our rubber compound, infused with microscopic glass fibers, increases friction on slippery surfaces. This technology boosts traction on ice, wet wood, linoleum, and wet metal, enhancing safety.

45NRTH Anti-slip Siping Icon

Siping for Improved Traction and Comfort

Our larger tread lugs feature tiny grooves that increase traction and provide a more comfortable ride quality. This enhancement benefits acceleration, braking, and cornering.

45NRTH Merino Wool Icon

Merino Wool for Warmth and Comfort

Merino wool, known for its fine, soft texture and excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, is a superb insulator in harsh conditions. It can absorb moisture without feeling wet and has natural antibacterial properties.

45NRTH Tubeless Ready Icon

Tubeless Ready for a Supple Ride

Our tubeless-ready bead offers better contact with the rim and a secure tubeless seal, reducing wheel weight by up to 300 grams per wheel for a more comfortable ride.

45NRTH Softshell Protection Icon

Softshell Protection for Harsh Winters

We incorporate Schoeller® softshell fabrics into our clothing system, striking the perfect balance between weather protection, breathability, and stretch for harsh winter conditions.

45NRTH Lightweight Design Icon

Lightweight Design for High Performance

Using premium materials, we design all our products for an ideal balance of lightweight construction and high-performance functionality.

45NRTH Heat Regulating Icon

Heat Regulating for Temperature Management

Our softgoods feature breathable fabrics and innovative features like zippered armpit vents to provide excellent temperature management, preventing overheating.

45NRTH Premium Insulation Icon

Premium Insulation for Comfort

In our footwear, we utilize premium materials such as aerogel, merino wool, and Primaloft® for warmth, comfort, and moisture-wicking during long rides in harsh conditions.

45NRTH Carbon Weave Icon

Carbon Fiber Outsole for Enhanced Performance

Our lightweight carbon fiber outsole provides stiffness and insulation against conductive heat loss under the foot.

45NRTH Braced Lugs Icon

Braced Lugs for Extra Tire Strength

Our braced lugs add strength to tire knobs in all directions, enhancing traction in challenging terrain and conditions.

45NRTH Flat Sole Icon

Flat Sole

This sole is designed to interface with flat platform pedals.

45NRTH 2 Hole Mountain Sole Icon

2-Hole Mountain Shoe

This sole is designed to interface with a 2-bolt cleat for a secure ride.

45NRTH 3 Hole Road Sole Icon

3-Hole Sole

This sole is designed to interface with a 3-bolt cleat for a secure ride.