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45Nrth Concave Stud icon

Concave Studs

The same two-piece construction method as all our studs, with a concave carbide tip on the crown. The concave crown creates a very sharp attack angle, resulting in an unparalleled amount of traction. As the carbide crown wears, it sharpens the edge further – continuously improving acceleration, braking, and cornering performance.

45Nrth Carbide Aluminum Stud icon

Carbide-Aluminum Studs

Our carbide-aluminum studs consist of two components: an aluminum base that’s half the weight of stainless steel and significantly reduces the tire’s rolling weight, and a carbide tip that rivals the hardness of diamond. This combination provides the optimum balance of durability and performance.

45Nrth Carbide Steel Stud icon

Steel Carbide Studs

Using the same two-piece construction method as the Concave Aluminum Carbide product, the steel-carbide stud features a dome-shaped carbide tip with a steel base, making it a more economical stud for 45NRTH’s 27tpi tire collection, while still providing excellent performance and longevity.

45Nrth Extra Large Concave Stud icon

XL Concave Studs

Using the same two-piece construction method as the standard carbide-aluminum stud, this stud features a carbide tip with a concave shape on the crown. The concave crown creates a very sharp attack angle to the surface, resulting in an unparalleled amount of traction. Any wear that occurs to the carbide crown creates an even sharper edge - continuously augmenting acceleration, braking and cornering performance as it ages.

45NRTH Aerogel Insulation icon

Aerogel Insulation

Used by NASA on space missions, aerogel is an ultra-thin, compression-resistant, waterproof insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. Unlike other insulations, aerogel doesn’t need loft to deliver, making it an ideal insulator between your body and cold contact points on the bicycle.

45NRTH Waterproof Breathable Membrane Icon

Waterproof-Breathable Membrane

An ultra-thin sheet of microporous material behind our textile shells keeps you dry and warm in the harshest weather conditions. Our waterproof, breathable membranes stop liquid from the outside, but release vapor from the inside for thermal and moisture regulation.

45NRRTH Anti-Slip Microglass Rubber Icon

Anti-Slip Microglass Rubber

A rubber compound electrostatically aligned with microscopic glass fibers to create abrasive protruding shards, increasing friction on slippery surfaces such as ice, wet wood, wet linoleum, and wet metal found on many stairs and floors.

45NRTH Anti-slip Siping Icon


Our larger tread lugs feature tiny grooves that increase traction and give the tire more flexibility to move over surface undulations. Not only does this enhance acceleration, braking, and cornering traction, it also creates a more comfortable ride quality.

45NRTH Merino Wool Icon

Merino Wool

Merino wool is naturally very fine and soft to the touch, while also having an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio. It can absorb 30% of its weight in water before feeling wet to the touch, making it an excellent insulator in the harshest of conditions. It’s also naturally antibacterial, making it excellent for multi-day excursions.

45NRTH Tubeless Ready Icon

Tubeless Ready

Our tubeless-ready bead creates more contact with the rim and a more effective and secure tubeless seal. The entire bead is also smooth, minimizing the risk of air leaking between the bead and rim shelf. Tubeless fatbike setups can reduce the weight of each wheel by 300 grams and provide a suppler ride quality.

45NRTH Softshell Protection Icon

Softshell Protection

Our clothing system utilizes softshell fabrics from Schoeller® to achieve the best combination of weather protection, breathability, and stretch during the harshest winter conditions.

45NRTH Lightweight Design Icon

Lightweight Design

By using premium materials, we design all our products to strike the ideal balance of light weight and high performance.

45NRTH Heat Regulating Icon

Heat Regulating

Through breathable fabrics and features like zippered armpit vents, our softgoods provide excellent temperature management and defense against overheating.

45NRTH Premium Insulation Icon

Premium Insulation

Our footwear uses innovative, premium materials like aerogel, merino wool, and Primaloft® to provide warmth, comfort, and moisture wicking on long rides in harsh conditions.

45NRTH 2 Hole Mountain Sole Icon

2-Hole Mtn Shoe

This sole is designed to interface with a 2-bolt cleat for a secure ride.

45NRTH Flat Sole Icon

Flat Sole

This sole is designed to interface with flat platform pedals.

45NRTH 3 Hole Road Sole Icon

3-Hole Sole

This sole is designed to interface with a 3-bolt cleat for a secure ride.

45NRTH Carbon Weave Icon

Carbon Fiber Outsole

Our lightweight carbon fiber outsole provides stiffness and better protects against conductive heat loss under the foot.

45NRTH Braced Lugs Icon

Braced Lugs

Braced lugs are designed to add extra strength to a tire knob in out of the cardinal directions of accelerating, braking, and cornering directions. Think of off camber weird rocks, jagged edges, or the slipping tire hooking up on tree roots.